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Beta testing system



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    Chris Swan

    We just had a quick chat about this on Discord, and I think a reasonable design for this would be akin to YouTube's "unlisted" feature, whereby your game can be linked for easy sharing with friends or collaborators, but does not appear on Play rails.

    If others who are interested in this feature could weigh in on whether that would "solve" your use case that would be really helpful!

    Note: this isn't a promise that we'll definitely implement this or that it'll be very soon, it's just useful to know the specifics of what would be useful for players, and for players to know what they're upvoting on here! :)

  • Boumatt Bro

    i think it is a good idea.


  • SleepyFox

    You can already do this... just give your friends your share code, and they can join you. I think there's also a setting to let them join the game your making even without you being there.


    EDIT: ignore ^^ - didn't realise you didn't want them in creation mode at all.

  • manthoR

    @SleepyFox : only play mode ? I do not wanna share creation mode.

  • Dar Xyde

    Alternatively have an option to invite friends (or anyone else via link) into a "read-only" permission mode, while you can edit and they can test only.

  • slushdeath


    In concept, having something along the lines of an unlisted game for play-only mode sounds good. I do think there's great value in being able to test out a particular version of the game with a link you can share with playtesters who are not necessarily your direct friends on Stadia.


    However, if the team does end up having time to look into this, maybe you could have a discussion internally with your UX team to see if it'd be possible to make an even better and more integrated experience for users who are in fact your friends?

    I'm sure they have excellent ideas for how they could make this feature feel natural, but I'm thinking something along the lines of being directly integrated with the sharing permissions, since you already have that concept. Basically, for each user you share the game with, you can select which mode you want to share it.

    "Change sharing permissions for friends who can edit your game"
    "Change sharing permissions for friends who can play your game (before you publish)"

    I was more trying to get my idea for what the feature should be able to do than the particular interaction part here. The Crayta UX team has clearly shown that they're extremely good at their job already, so I fully trust them to come up with something natural here.


    Hannah Waddilove: Thoughts on B)?

  • Twenty9

    I was thinking about my desire for this feature today.  The implementation you suggested is exactly what I had in mind.  It would work great for my use case.

  • Iorek_Byrnison

    I think suggestion you make is good Hannah.

    I'd say there should also be another option which is to allow people to see the inner workings / fork your game without giving them rights to edit it (/ mess it up ­čÖé).
    So as not to send this thread on a tangent I created a separate request here:


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