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Better mouse controls for the advanced editor



  • Stephen Rowles

    I second this one. Orbit I think is the most important tool in being able to navigate a level quickly, that and the ability to use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

    I'd recommend looking at the controls for navigating 3d space from sketchup.

    I'm finding the advanced editor really hard to move around in without some of extra controls.

  • SleepyFox

    In addition to those suggested, WASD should be on the world XZ axis, not connected to the camera's axis.

    The current implementation feels like it was designed for controllers, with m/kb being an afterthought. I understand the devs wanted players to be able to create with controllers, but that doesn't mean we should nerf m/kb.

  • ByThebrain02

    What I would love to see is a right clicking option to quickly use the most important features. Like simulate on/off or visible on/off

  • Iorek_Byrnison

    May be niche but it would be nice to see option to say you are using a trackpad. I often grab 10m using just a trackpad and having some support for that would be great. It is a bit like 'twister' right now.


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