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[Planned] Importing your own assets




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    Chris Swan

    Sorry it's taken a while to get to this! As noted by Nicholas Spinner we have said explicitly that this is something we're planning on doing though we can't yet say when (so please keep upvoting if this is something you're passionate about!).

    However, I'd like to clarify something that was raised up-thread - we don't currently sell creation assets and we have no plans to do so in the future.

    Of course, things can and do change, but right now our philosophy is very much that we want a level playing field for all creators (especially given our Prize Funds) - no one should be at an advantage over the other players in the game because they've put more money in. Therefore, the additional purchases in Crayta are purely cosmetic (Outfit Collections, Sprays, Emotes, etc.).


  • Nicholas Spinner

    I don't see them adding this. Their business model is dependent on you buying assets in their store.

    But they could do it if they also add an asset marketplace where creators could sell their creations and the developers would take a cut off the top.

  • Settus

    Nicholas Spinner I think it will happen and its very importang. It was already mentioned by a dev in discord.

  • I know they will, but I wish they wouldn't.

    On that day it will instantly look as bad as all the Roblox levels.

  • Nick

    Imo player-created asset import is the key to taking this game above and beyond. So long as they use the right system of properly scrubbing uploads for hacks and viruses and server exploits.

    @Brad, Roblox is limited heavily to like standard primitives iirc, I don't think we have to worry about that.

    But for real, letting players upload custom stuff is going to be a necessary part of making this game what it needs to be. Taking the next step in creativity and freedom will drive absolutely amazing new content that will blow some of us away. Throw in vehicles, custom vehicles, and some voxel-created physics hulls for these custom models, and you could end up with some very interesting stuff. Custom weapons. Custom characters. Freedom to make any type of game we want, in the cloud, without any restriction in creativity.

    One day I'd like to see entire cities built out from 3D mesh stretched over-top of voxel physics, with custom weapons and flying cars and players racing overhead on spaceships while those who are maybe physically disabled irl can simply walk around and take in the beautiful sights as they enjoy watching their character peacefully enjoying life, and those who are stuck in rural areas with no social contact can talk to their friends, and those who are desperately looking for a way to express who they want to be can simply throw on a skin that uniquely represents them while they sit at a table and play through a custom dnd campaign.

    People are going to find a way to do this regardless, custom mesh uploads is just a good idea period.

    On that note, I really hope they take into consideration being able to upload rigged and animated mesh models.

    Also imagine they upgrade it to UE5 and allow it to automatically handle super-high-res models where the only limit is file size and not polycount? Anyone would be able to take a 3D scan, use some neural net plugin to clean it up, do some finishing touches and then stick it in crayta.

    They still have to consider stolen content, which the game will almost certainly be full of at all points, but the effort it will take to sort that out will still be worth it.

    I'm typing this on mobile, so sorry for any errors. I may come back and skim over it on my desktop at some point.

  • RaucousRaptor

    When this feature is implemented, it'd be great if the community scripts tab is expanded to include community meshes if those uploading want to make them available for anyone to use. Hopefully with the same level of moderation as user uploaded UI elements to help keep quality up. 


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