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  • Settus

    Yes, one of the top priorities I think. I wanted to make an RPG, but without NPCs...where is the fun.

  • Sébastien Therrien

    This is what Crayta needs to shine!

  • Rohen

    This would be super useful


  • Nick S (athros)

    I have a number of ideas that would require the ability to have NPC style AI bots. 


    Things to have:
    * Animatable Skeletons (expandable - starting with the same Avatar style players have to quadrapeds, odd limb structure etc.)

    * The ability to have AI for movement, pathing, dialog, animation triggers

  • Rohen

    Nick S (athros) That would be awesome, but I think it would take such a long time for the developers to implement this functionality

  • Devin Weidinger

    I'd be happy with a basic chase ai asap. 

    Create bot character, Move to location, Play animation, etc.

    zombies seem to always be the lowest barrier of entry for AI / NPCs. 

  • Nick S (athros)

    Rohen Absolutely - that's the end goals. The starting point should be what Devin Weidinger stated - Basic AI (chase) and a basic model to use.

  • Mickael cassy

    Would awesome to be able to use a custom AI models.

  • Nicholas Spinner

    Yes! This should be a basic feature. Other similar platforms have this already.

  • manthoR

    Dude ! Just take a banana with a hat and calls it Mr Banana..
    uh, okay, NPC will be a great addition 

  • Crayter

    Yeah this should be added.
    When I found out this feature was not included I was quite disappointed. The game I had planned to create when I heard of Crayta changed dramatically when I found out there were no means to create NPC, there's only a robot without built-in animations!

  • Siler

    All Games on crayta seems very empty without them. And that will not get better. The amount of games will increase so that players would split up to them. You Need to have NPC's to fill the emty worlds. An Adventure is very boring at this time. For that reason everybody is creating a parkour game.


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